This page is dedicated to sermons that are sure to bless the listener as the Lord speaks through these men of God.

Bro. Bobby Jackson (Evangelist)

“The Crucifixion”

[audio:01 The Crucifixion.mp3] (Download here)

“Pilate’s Mistakes”

[audio:01 Pilate’s Mistakes.mp3] (Download here)

Bro. Chris Fannin (Missionary/Pastor)

“Facing our Giants”

[audio:01 Facing our Giants.mp3] (Download here)

Dr. Paul Harrison (Pastor)

“God’s Sufficient Grace”

[audio:01 National Association of FWB Paul Harrison.mp3] (Download here)

Roger Boone (Pastor / Radio Host)

“The Blood”

[audio:01 The Blood.mp3] (Download here)